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Important Notes On Essiac Tea Drinking Contraindications

Essiac tea has been used a dietary supplement for more than 90 years and is one of the many herbal drinks that have become quite popular among health buffs. It is usually composed of four ingredients rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark and burdock root. But there are currently new versions of it that involve watercress, red clover, kelp and blessed thistle. They come in tea packages as well as soft gel capsules. And the recommended daily intake is around 3 oz. But this can be adjusted upto 12, depending on the user's tolerance to its bitter taste, the need as well as his or her weight.

There are no clinical studies to confirm the publicized effects of Essiac tea. However, on their own, each of the ingredients it incorporates has been proven to provide certain nutrients and biological advantages, from relief of constipation to improvement of immunity functions. Despite this promising attribute though, experts warn people about freely taking in Essiac without proper medical consultation. Some of its components do not accommodate certain conditions, medications and diets well.

For instance, pregnancy is a big contraindication to taking Essiac as some of the components tend to promote menstruation. On top of that, caution is also raised regarding consumption while breastfeeding as it may be passed on the infant. Kidney problems are also a big concern as well as kidney infection, bowel obstruction, and diarrhea. Turkey rhubarb may be able to accommodate all of these problems and improve them to some degree. However, in cases of medical emergencies, its effects may actually aggravate if not hide the real causes of the symptoms. And since it is known to promote elimination, it may not be a good idea to drink it during an episode as it may promote dehydration and electrolyte imbalance more.

On top of that, there is also a huge red flag raised for people experiencing ulcers as well as those that have increased blood iron content. Some of the Essiac tea's ingredients actually irritate the bowel and adds more iron to the system, thereby encouraging the development of hemochromatosis. And although there have been no studies conducted in the safeness of the drink among kids, it is highly recommended that users keep those under the age of 12 from drinking it.

Insulin dependent diabetics are also advised to be mindful of their intake and their blood sugar levels as this drink tends to lower glucose availability. The same warning is issued to those who have just recently undergone surgery, are suffering from osteoporosis and taking heavy medicines like cardiac glycosides. Now, if you are not sure about your current state of health, it would be wise to submit yourself for a check-up first. See if you can get a clean bill of health. And while at it, ask your physician for advice when it comes to drinking Essiac tea.

The bottom line here really is to never be careless about your decisions. Regardless of what the label states, you can't expect that what applies to others will be the same thing for you. Yes, Essiac has had a good run when it comes to being a health supplement. But it may not be compatible with your physiology.

The Future Is Bright For High Density Polyethylene Outdoor Furniture

Furniture made from recycled plastics is gaining prominence in the outdoor furniture industry. Recent advancements in manufacturing the material have made it a feasible alternative to what is traditionally used.

High density polyethylene or HDPE is a material derived from the number 2 type of recycled plastic. The most common container is the gallon milk jug. They are those semi-white jugs that you can see through a little. They are not the material used for solid white containers or the clear 2-liter bottles.

One form of HDPE that has come onto the market is called Polywood. It essentially is plastic lumber produced from type 2 waste recovered from recycling centers. Polywood is actually heavier and stronger than lumber cut from wood. First, the recycled plastic is crushed into pellets and then melted in a pot. Next, ultra-violet substances and color are added. This gives HDPE a huge advantage over traditional wood lumber. The liquid is then cured in molds shaped to normal sizes of lumber. The final product has a grain finish instead of having a smooth polished feel. I expect this material will soon be sold side by side with wood lumber in the home improvement chain stores.

The advantages of high density polyethylene furniture are numerous. First off, this recycled material is environmental friendly. No new plastic material has been introduced to the environment. The plastic has been saved from dumping into the ground and trees are saved from being cut down to make this furniture. Green alternative technologies are becoming a staple in many industries.

HDPE can handle the outdoor elements over time better than wood furniture. Sun, rain, and snow do not degrade high density polyethylene lumber. Insects and termites cannot eat away Polywood lumber. This furniture handles water over time without rotting and mildewing. Polywood furniture is an excellent choice for pool furniture at hotels and homes. In summary, high density polyethylene furniture will last a lot longer than wooden furniture.

Since Polywood lumber has solid color throughout, there is never a need to paint or stain it. The ultra-violet protection added will not allow the furniture to fade from sun exposure over the years. Polywood furniture needs only wipe down cleaning. It is very easy maintenance.

Finally, a great advantage to HDPE lumber is its high tensile strength. It is heavier and stronger than wood yet because it is plastic, there is a slight flexibility to it that makes it more comfortable than wood. Even though wood is somewhat flexible, it tends to warp permanently in one direction or another. Polywood flexes to the shape of a person's body but springs back when they rise for sitting on it. Wood will crack, splinter, and shear much easier as well.

Next time you are in the market for outdoor furniture, consider buying high density polyethylene pieces. Do not mistake it for the cheap plastic furniture currently prevalent in the stores. HDPE is high quality plastic furniture and one day soon may take over as the top selling material for outdoor use.

Monday, May 28, 2012

20th Century Business Methods Used Today Are The Problem, Not The Solution

Throughout the 20th century, various business methods for operating and developing the company have been contrived and refined, becoming the conventional business methods that we use today. We improve management and effect business change by laying new contrived business methods and structures over the methods in place. Even with all the improvements, we continue to have fundamental problems with re-organizations, intangible assets, accounting limitations, cost control, information management, alignment, etc. Even with all the business organization and management methods, we still have not found the one right method to organize and manage the company business.
Until now. Result-performance Management, newly launched in 2008, provides the one right method to organize and manage the business in the 21st century company, and leave problems with 20th century business methods behind.

Conventional business methods are the generally-accepted wrong ways

Over the past decade, we implemented breakthroughs like business process re-engineering, business transformation methods, business performance management, and enterprise resource planning. But, these turned out to be just new names for conventional business methods to do the same old things.

Why are there so many different business methods to do the same thing? Why isn't there just one right business method? It is simply because all of these different business methods are wrong methods, and we do not know the one right business method. Since all the different business methods we use are wrong, we can only define the right method by identifying the wrong methods that are generally-accepted. The basis for our management and accounting methods is not that they are the fundamentally-sound and understood right business methods, but that they are the generally-accepted wrong business methods. When we come up with the one right business method, it will be known and accepted, and all of the wrong business methods will be obsolete.

Conventional thinking prevents the new breakthrough needed

Since the beginning of business, no one has ever stopped to think, "Are the business methods that have always been used the best business methods". We accept existing business methods as the basis and try to improve the methods.

New business methods contrive ways to alleviate the symptoms of fundamental problems inherent in the way things have always been done. This we can do ad infinitum without ever solving the problems. How many methods do we have and how many books have been written about corporate governance, business organization, change management, investment management, capital development, performance management, cost and value accounting and management, solution alignment, intangible assets, business collaboration, etc. Why do we keep coming up with new business methods, if previous business methods were supposed to have solved the problem?

Management improvement books are written using the existing body of knowledge or published record as the valid basis. Many of the books cut, reorganize, and paste what has already been written. Other books describe innovative ways enterprises are coping with contrived business methods. These approaches prevent new breakthroughs and can, at best, produce some incremental improvement.

Conventional 20th century business methods do not organize and manage the business

The problem is that conventional business organization and management methods do not organize and manage the business. Instead we contrived business methods to organize and manage people, departments, functions, activities, duties, positions, tasks, and numerous other entities. Each business method defines these entities in its own way. Each method is laid over the business obscuring the actual business and compounding the problems of business change. The many different business methods describe the company with different entities and definitions creating information complexity and proliferation of information systems.

The organization structure is laid over the business. The business changes, while the organization structure remains rigid, building pressure for reorganization and upheaval. Other business methods and structures are laid over the organization structure. The actual business lies hidden under a proliferation of methods.

We need one right way to organize and manage the business

We need to step back and take a completely new look at the basics of our company business and build the one right method to organize and manage the business. Conventional business organization and management methods manage contrived entities, but fail to specifically define the business and manage specific business entities.

The business definition is investments in capital as solutions of worth utilized for costs and effectiveness of performance to produce value and quality in results. Conventional business management methods do not identify and manage the three entities that define the business and must be managed:

1. Results: Specific economic outputs of value and quality produced at any level from business performance
2. Capital: Specific invested capital available as solutions to be utilized in business performance
3. Performance: Utilization of a specific solutions of worth to incur costs to produce specific results

These three entities are used in Result-performance Management (R-pM) to organize the company. Any other entities used must be defined in terms of results produced, capital investments as solutions, and performance in solutions utilized to produce results.
The business organization changes naturally as results are added, changed, or deactivated. The business organization changes with each new capital investment to implement solutions or to discontinue old solutions. Human capital personnel and capabilities are deployed as solutions where they have the capability to manage and produce results. Other capital is deployed as well as specific solutions to be utilized in performance to produce a result. The business organization changes with each redeployment of a solution to be utilized in performance to produce a result.

R-pM is the new breakthrough needed to organize the business

R-pM is a new breakthrough that defines the results that enterprise management wants to produce and adds and deletes results as needed. R-pM defines the capital utilized as solutions in performance, to show how costs are incurred. R-pM deploys solutions to be utilized in performance to the results to be produced to show total performance costs against the result value created.
Once the organization is simplified, R-pM manages the enterprise in three dimensions for ongoing advantage

1. Result: Manage economic output to reach revenue goals
2. Performance: Manage invested capital in performance to reach profit-margin goals
3. Management: Manage operation and development goals by time period for return and strategic value

R-pM develops new capital solutions over time to create value in new results. R-pM governs the company business performance over time to create strategic value.

R-pM is one simple integrated business method for 21st century management

R-pM removes conventional business complexity and provides one simple integrated business method that eliminates re-organizations, intangible assets, misalignments, ad-hoc development, change management, and unknown costs. R-pM enables strategic value creation, result value-quality chains, transparent governance, innovation technology management, beneficial development, cost and value accounting, result-performance optimization, business collaboration, consulting professionalism, solution-sharing, and many other advantages prevented by 20th century business methods.
When we employ R-pM, we have the one fundamental right business method to organize and manage any enterprise for 21st century management, and leave all the obsolete wrong business methods and unsolvable 20th century problems behind.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Beginner Guitar System - Make Sure And Read Our In-depth Review

The Beginner Guitar System is a fairly new DVD guitar course that was created by Railroad Media along with a very talented guitarist by the name of Nate Savage, who is a professional guitarist with more than 16 years of experience.

The Beginner Guitar System, as its name implies, is geared towards the absolute beginner. It covers basic aspects of playing such as learning chords, keeping rhythm, and then even goes on into territory that the intermediate guitarist may not be familiar with.

This course just goes to prove that you don't have to spend a small fortune on private teachers to truly learn to play the guitar. It will teach you everything you need to know all for a lot less cost.

I want to be clear in stating that I am not putting down private instructors, or trying to say that it is a waste of time because they can and most likely will, give you a solid foundation in your guitar playing.

But for the individual that just can't see spending multiple hundreds of dollars on private lessons, the Beginner Guitar System will be your complete guide in learning to play your guitar. It will take you step by step through the sometimes tricky process of learning many of the concepts that new guitarists so often struggle with.
Here is what you will find in this guitar course:

First off, to get access to the private forum on the new support system, you will need to email Nate after you purchase the course. It is somewhat on the small side but is growing, so honestly there exists room for improvement in that aspect.

If you choose though, you can seek help for any of your questions by going to Railroad Media's website where you will find email or phone support.

343 x 223 chord chart poster This is a very handy tool that you can hang up anywhere that is convenient for you. It is great for learning the basic chords.

177 page workbook The manual that is included contains basic lessons, chord charts, and music sheets that basically confirm what the contents of the videos are about. It can be used as a supplemental course on its own.

4 DVD set The backbone of this course are the 4 DVDs that feature around 25 lessons in all. It thoroughly covers all aspects of playing including, how to use amplifiers and effects pedals, as well as the correct way to hold your guitar and how to restring it. Another great thing about the DVDs is that Nate uses multiple guitars so you can get a first hand look how each guitar works a bit differently.

Every lesson breaks down how to read sheet music, chord charts, and multiple ways to pick the strings on the guitar.

One thing that stands out is the visually superior quality of the videos. By utilizing different camera angles it will really help you get a grasp on how to arrange your fingers as you play.
Metronome CD The metronome CD that is included contains 31 tracks, all set in different tempos, in case you are having trouble keeping pace.

2 Play Along DVDs These two extra DVDs contain a total of 10 songs that are in different genres. It could be considered a bonus or extra I guess. The song is played first in a view that the audience what see. You are able to see each member as they individually play their instrument. After that, the song is broken down, and Nate explains step-by-step how the song is played.

3 Play Along CDs The songs on these CDs are also present on the 2 play along DVDs. On the first CD, the band members play the music but omit the guitar, while on the second CD they add a metronome. The third CD however employs both the band and the guitar.

Not to sound silly, but the they are charging for this beginner guitar course may just be a surprisingly good investment. It is literally less than the cost of three hours of lessons from a traditional instructor.

The Beginner Guitar System is one of the best courses I have come across. It combines easy to follow lessons with simple vocabulary to launch your playing to the next level.

Not only does it allow you complete control over the speed of your progress but it breaks things down to a level that is on par with many beginning guitarists.

Does Your Lifestyle Really Affect Your High Blood Pressure?

There are many who equate high blood pressure with lifestyle and not without reason. Medically termed hypertension, HBP or high blood pressure is mostly an outcome of unhealthy lifestyle though this may not be the only reason for developing this condition, since there are scores of people who maintain a healthy lifestyle but are victims of high blood pressure.

Because of the rising instances of this condition worldwide, there have been enormous amount of research and development that have gone behind designing prescription drugs to control it. But like every drug that is meant to cure a disease condition, it also carries its due quota of side effects too. Thus, the issue of treating HBP is always linked with changing one's festyle too, as it is known that with the improvement of lifestyle, the following can
be expected:

Prevention of worsening of the condition
Significant reduction in drug consumption
Overall improvement of health
Complete turnaround of hypertension
Restoration of normal blood pressure

Instances of high blood pressure or HBP are so rampant that today it is estimated that nearly 80 million Americans are its victims. The worst part about this alarming statistics is that several thousands do not even know that they are suffering from hypertension till it manifests itself as a heart attack, stroke etc.

It is for this reason that HBP is often called a silent killer. Unless you check your blood pressure regularly, you might never know that the disease is silently worsening your health. Though hypertension cannot kill anyone in the strictest sense of the word, as it is not a disease but high blood pressure can be a precursor to a fatal heart attack unless monitored correctly.

This holds true for everyone who is over 35 years of age. By making certain positive changes in the way you live and eat, you can always keep your blood pressure under check and prevent it from worsening further.

So what are lifestyle factors that affect your blood pressure and how can you bring certain specific improvements so that your HBP remains under control?

One of the first changes that doctors advise in terms of lifestyle improvement is to give a second look to your diet. Most of us are used to having foods rich in fat content that are most difficult to digest. Processed foods, rich in sodium are great contributors to hypertension. Thus obesity and hypertension nearly walk hand in hand as the fat content in their bodies play an important role in constricting blood flow through out the body as well to and from the heart, which is a precursor to a heart attack. Thus having more vegetables, fruits and fibrous foods are what the doctors ask you to have instead of red meat, oily food and over-salty foods.
The other important change in lifestyle is to include physical exercise in the daily schedule. Sedentary lifestyle not only promotes high blood pressure but breeds a host of several other ailments. Spending 30 to 45 minutes a day doing physical exercises like walking, jogging, running, swimming may lower your blood pressure significantly. Lifestyle changes also include changing some old habits walk a few blocks to office by learning to park your car at a distance, use the stairs in stead of the elevator, take a pet for a daily walk are some of the changes which you could include in your life.
Drink alcohol in moderation. If you cannot give up alcohol completely, which is of course the best thing to do, you ought to reduce its intake considerably to make significant improvement in your hypertension state. "Excessive" consumption of alcohol in the context of control of high blood pressure would refer to over two drinks per day. It is however best to give up alcohol completely, if your find your blood pressures shooting up or you feel nausea sometime during the day.
While the world know how injurious smoking is to health, it can be a killer when you have symptoms of high blood pressure or you are already taking medication for control of hypertension. The reason for this is that the nicotine content of cigarettes can further constrict the blood vessels which can prove fatal when coupled with an already HBP state.
Excessive consumption of coffee, especially when age is no longer on your side, can also contribute to rise in blood pressure. Thus coffee consumption should either be stopped or reduced significantly.
Try to live a stress-free life. Take help of several breathing exercises like yoga or meditation that can help your mind and body to calm down and helps you cope with life better.

Those are only a few strategies of many to help you lower and even successfully take control of your high blood pressure. More simple yet powerful strategies and step-by-step instructions about what to do and how to do it right, you can find in a special report by Samuel Baron "Natural Treatment For Hypertension" .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Forex Trading - Refining Macd Trading Strategies

No indicator can give all correct signals all the time and hence continuous refinement in the strategies to use an indicator is a must to avoid as many false signals as possible. Getting a few signals which are good is always better than getting a lot of signals of poor quality.

Moving average convergence divergence MACD is used very commonly in technical analysis for trading. MACD is a lagging indicator and that means that any signals by the crossover of MACD and its signal line are generated with some lag in time. The signals are generated after a confirmation of the move in a particular direction this comes with a time lag. When the trend is weaker, this lagging would tend to cause more false signals.

Why more false signals during weak trends or when the market is ranging or running sideways?:

1) Entry signal: By the time the entry signal is generated, the price may be reaching the reversal point because during the time lag the trend becomes further weaker and market is on the verge of reversal.
2) Exit Signals: By the time the reversal crossover takes place and signals that we should close our position to take profit, the price already reverses so much that the realized profits levels are much less than the realization levels if would have closed the trade sooner.

Though the most important factor in trading are the skills, knowledge and trading discipline but there are always possibilities of improving our indicators also. The improvement can be either by the change in the logic by adding new conditions or by experimenting with different period settings. What we wish to always achieve is to have lesser and lesser percentage of false signals. Albin, Gunter and Kain came up with some refinements in the original MACD for reducing the percentage of false signals which may otherwise be generated. The first refined version is known as MACD R1 and the second is MACD R2 as the subsequent one.

Let's check what MACD-R1 and MACD-R2 are. Our trading platform most probably will not have these refined versions but considering the logics of these, we may think about improving our MACD trading strategies.


a) One more condition was added and that was to wait for three periods (days on daily chart) after the MACD line crosses the signal line upwards or downwards before we take a position. This wait was to ensure that the signal was not false and an immediate reversal does not take place as soon as we take a position. If during this 3 periods another crossover takes place then we forget the first crossover and wait for another 3 periods to ensure this reversal.

b) To avoid the exit problem as mentioned in point number 2 above, MACD R1 has the profit taking levels as pre-decided percentages. In a nut and shell it says that don't be greedy and come out of a trade with certain pre-decided percent of profits. These suggested profit taking percentages were 3% or 5%. So MACD R1 says that close the trade after 3% or 5% gain after the entry. In case a reversal crossover takes place before this pre-decided target of 3% or 5% then also we should close the trade.

MACD-R1 - weaknesses:

1) Even with these additional conditions there still is higher number of false signals.

2) Loss in the profits: Let's assume that it is a strong uptrend and after taking a buy position the prices move up by 8%. And what we did was, we closed the position after 3% or 5% profit and hence the opportunity of making higher gains was lost. basically we may end up in making a big loss in the profit and that goes against the mantra that let your profits run and cut your losses short.


To overcome the above mentioned issue of still higher number of false signals by MACD R1 an additional condition was added in terms of further refinement. The new refined version is known as MACD-R2.

Let's think why MACD-R1 still offers possibilities of reducing the false signals:

Scenario: We wait for 3 periods to have the confirmation of the trend continuation by seeing that no reversal crossover takes place during this waiting period. And after this 3 periods we enter the market. As soon as we enter the market, a reversal takes place and we end up with losses.

Now let's see why the above mentioned scenario is possible and what did we miss to avoid it:

This can happen because we waited for the confirmation but ignored another warning signal i.e. what did not happen may happen soon now.

This may happen because though by the end of the 3 periods after the original crossover, another reversal crossover does not take place but the MACD line comes dangerously close to the signal line to indicate a reversal. The difference between the MACD and signal line reduces drastically. We are not keeping track of this development and ignore this reducing difference between MACD line the signal line even though it indicates the possibilities of a reversal crossover.

What additional changes/conditions are there in MACD-R2:

Now when we know what we missed, we have to add that condition so that we do not lose the track of the reducing difference indicating a reversal.

An additional condition was added apart from the original concepts of MACD-R1 to design MACD R2. This condition is to ensure that we keep a track of the difference between the MACD line and the signal line and do not ignore a warning signal of a possible reversal. This condition ensures that a pre-decided difference maintains between MACD and MACD signal line even after waiting for 3 periods and then only we enter the market. If the difference between MACD line and the signal line goes lesser than the pre-decided level then we do not enter the market.

Suppose we decide that the minimum difference between MACD and signal line should be at least 1.2% at the end of 3 periods. What it means is if the difference between these two lines is less than 1.2% then should not take trade position. We decide this difference percentage based on the experience that a difference less than this may indicate a possible reversal.