Friday, May 25, 2012

Beginner Guitar System - Make Sure And Read Our In-depth Review

The Beginner Guitar System is a fairly new DVD guitar course that was created by Railroad Media along with a very talented guitarist by the name of Nate Savage, who is a professional guitarist with more than 16 years of experience.

The Beginner Guitar System, as its name implies, is geared towards the absolute beginner. It covers basic aspects of playing such as learning chords, keeping rhythm, and then even goes on into territory that the intermediate guitarist may not be familiar with.

This course just goes to prove that you don't have to spend a small fortune on private teachers to truly learn to play the guitar. It will teach you everything you need to know all for a lot less cost.

I want to be clear in stating that I am not putting down private instructors, or trying to say that it is a waste of time because they can and most likely will, give you a solid foundation in your guitar playing.

But for the individual that just can't see spending multiple hundreds of dollars on private lessons, the Beginner Guitar System will be your complete guide in learning to play your guitar. It will take you step by step through the sometimes tricky process of learning many of the concepts that new guitarists so often struggle with.
Here is what you will find in this guitar course:

First off, to get access to the private forum on the new support system, you will need to email Nate after you purchase the course. It is somewhat on the small side but is growing, so honestly there exists room for improvement in that aspect.

If you choose though, you can seek help for any of your questions by going to Railroad Media's website where you will find email or phone support.

343 x 223 chord chart poster This is a very handy tool that you can hang up anywhere that is convenient for you. It is great for learning the basic chords.

177 page workbook The manual that is included contains basic lessons, chord charts, and music sheets that basically confirm what the contents of the videos are about. It can be used as a supplemental course on its own.

4 DVD set The backbone of this course are the 4 DVDs that feature around 25 lessons in all. It thoroughly covers all aspects of playing including, how to use amplifiers and effects pedals, as well as the correct way to hold your guitar and how to restring it. Another great thing about the DVDs is that Nate uses multiple guitars so you can get a first hand look how each guitar works a bit differently.

Every lesson breaks down how to read sheet music, chord charts, and multiple ways to pick the strings on the guitar.

One thing that stands out is the visually superior quality of the videos. By utilizing different camera angles it will really help you get a grasp on how to arrange your fingers as you play.
Metronome CD The metronome CD that is included contains 31 tracks, all set in different tempos, in case you are having trouble keeping pace.

2 Play Along DVDs These two extra DVDs contain a total of 10 songs that are in different genres. It could be considered a bonus or extra I guess. The song is played first in a view that the audience what see. You are able to see each member as they individually play their instrument. After that, the song is broken down, and Nate explains step-by-step how the song is played.

3 Play Along CDs The songs on these CDs are also present on the 2 play along DVDs. On the first CD, the band members play the music but omit the guitar, while on the second CD they add a metronome. The third CD however employs both the band and the guitar.

Not to sound silly, but the they are charging for this beginner guitar course may just be a surprisingly good investment. It is literally less than the cost of three hours of lessons from a traditional instructor.

The Beginner Guitar System is one of the best courses I have come across. It combines easy to follow lessons with simple vocabulary to launch your playing to the next level.

Not only does it allow you complete control over the speed of your progress but it breaks things down to a level that is on par with many beginning guitarists.

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