Friday, June 22, 2012

Velux Blinds And Windows In Spain

The popularity of loft living, in many cases rendered feasible only by the ingenious range of Velux products, has spread beyond the newly fashionable quarters of the major cities of the United States and Britain. The term 'loft' and its association with modern lifestyle is now finding its way into the vocabulary of other languages.

One example is the adoption of 'Loft' into the language of Spain. New developments of more than two storeys now have their upper floors marketed as 'lofts' by the developers and selling agents. The same applies to refurbishments projects in the major cities of Spain. Originally these developments were known as 'ticos', (literally meaning 'attics'), but nobody wants to live in an attic any more because it simply does not carry the same 'cachet' as 'loft'. In an older property the roof space might also be called a 'buhardilla' which literally means 'the owl house'. As soon as they are fitted with Velux windows and Velux blinds they become known as lofts and become modern and desirable.

To supply this demand, Velux Spain S.A. is ideally situated with its company headquarters in Madrid and a network of official Velux distributors located in every province of Spain. This puts the company at the forefront of the market place and with extensive advertising in glossy magazines specializing in home improvements, architecture and interior design, Velux has acquired a fashionable up-market status; 'chulo' as the spanish might say.

Because of the diversity of Spanish architecture, mainly a result of extreme climatic differences between the northern and southern provinces there is a distinctly higher demand in the northern and more mountainous regions such as Cantabria and Asturias. This is because the roofs are pitched so as to discharge rain water and snow rather than flat roofs which are more predominant in the southern, drier provinces such as Andalucia and Murcia.

Many potential British buyers cross the channel to look for a holiday home in the northern provinces of Spain. Some buy property for personal use and others purchase property to rent or convert into guest houses to attract the rural tourism market. Easy access by car ferry and reduced travelling time by car from the ports of Santander or Bilbao make it a very desirable choice, especially as these regions offer spectacular countryside with mountains and beaches in easy reach. Properties in need of renovation are particularly attractive to British buyers and the knowledge that Velux roof windows and Velux blinds are readily available facilitates the option of converting lofts into extra living space instead of the costly business of adding extensions which might fall foul of local planning laws.

Back on its home front in Denmark, Velux continues to maintain its number one position as market leader and its ever growing life style image is firmly consolidated. The extensive range of Velux blinds can be readily accessed worldwide by clicking onto any official stockist website, some of whom who can supply on a Next Day delivery basis within their own geographical area.

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