Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Plumber's Job

Plumbers are responsible for:

1. Installing and repairing
Review building plans
Identify required tools
Locate and mark pipe that needs work
Assemble and install valves and fittings
Test pipe fittings for leaks
2. Maintaining codes and installation requirements
Apply all codes to work
Ensure all installations, repairs, and maintenance are properly aligned, sized and supported
Ensure all installations etc meet the requirements of the correct codes
Ensure they meet the environmental protection requirements
3. Administer and schedule work
Prepare budgets
Keep daily reports
Schedule work with other trades and suppliers
Prepare orders of supplies

Knowledge needed to be a plumber

Knowledge of:
Water distribution and waste water disposal in different building types
The relevant codes and procedures
The economic, cultural and political environment

Skills needed
Team building
Problem solving skills
Negotiation and mediation skills
Communication skills
Computer skills
Time management skills

Personal skills needed:
Physically fit
Good interpersonal skills
Enjoy practical work

Working conditions of a plumber

Physical demands

Plumbers spend long hours outside in the varying weather conditions and in awkward positions which may cause physical strain or discomfort. Heavy lifting and coming into contact with sharp objects will happen for plumbers, so they must make sure that they maintain safety procedures to avoid injury. There are also possible chances of falling off ladders, burns off hot pipes etc. Plumbers may also come into contact with poisons and gases which could cause illness.

Environmental conditions

There can be many awkward working environments being a plumber and quite often you will be working alone. It may be required to carry all equipment round with you. Also the weather may cause problems.

Sensory demands

These include the exposure to smells from sewage, noises from all the power tools, and also dust and debris from the construction sites. These things could cause headaches.

Mental demands

Plumbers may be called out at odd hours in the day as they have to work when needed. They also have to work long hours which can be very tiring. It is also required to be able to concentrate in construction sites and order equipment along with scheduling work with other labourers.
Some plumber jobs may be more exciting than others. The majority of jobs will be small ones in people's homes, fixing pipes or installing bathroom fixtures. But there will be bigger jobs to those who are more qualified, such as being involved with the construction on a new building. The plumber will be in charge of deciding where the pipes will be placed, and then makes a blueprint. They then have to install them.

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