Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home Improvement Contractors - A Look At The Top Wet Bar Designs

One of the most annoying things at a party is when all of your guests seem to migrate into the kitchen and hang out around the drinks, sink and food. If this is a problem that you've come across then you're not alone. Just don't make the same mistake that others have made and set the bar up in the corner of the basement to flesh out a rec room. You can be more modern and stylish by considering other locations and bar designs for your home.

The wet bar doesn't need to shut down when the party ends either. Whether you're entertaining guests or it's just you and your family, the wet bar is the perfect addition for a time-strapped homeowner that needs an easy solution for everyone to serve themselves. The added benefit is that a wet bar, depending on the design, can add a great style element to just about any room.

The Butler's Pantry Bar

If you're a fan of older furniture pieces, like a grand buffet, then this type of bar may be right up your alley. They tend to run large however, often taking up the length of a wall. Of course you can work with contractors to adjust the size but having the extra serving room can be helpful with a lot of guests. The full length offers plenty of service space while upper and lower storage provides ample area for storing glasses, dry goods and other drinks in cooling drawers. If you like to embellish when you hire a contractor, opt for a sink built into the stone countertop of this sleek kitchen-style bar.

"Pull up a Chair" Bar

One of the most common types of bar is the "belly up" bar when anyone can pull up a chair. While the common wet bar is meant to step up, grab a drink and step back, this bar allows you to settle in and prop up your elbows. The large countertop is designed to overhang with a lip for resting elbows, offering plenty of drink space and giving room to push stool in & tuck them away. An easy job for any skilled contractor when remodeling your home. Many designs are setup with small sink basins and cold storage.

The "Anywhere" Bar

A lot of homeowners have already been through a remodel and they may be running out of space for additions. If you don't have a lot of space for a wet bar but you're keen on the idea, then considering putting it anywhere - literally. Follow your water lines to see where they run. In many cases they will run behind a small closet. If you can sacrifice the space, turn that small storage closet into a mini wet bar with sink, serving and prep area and a bit of storage for drinks and glasses. This small project can save you a lot over a large bar when working with contractors in your home.

Ye Olde Pub & Brew Haus

If you're a bit of purist and you want an authentic feel to your bar - and you've got the space for it - you might consider reclaiming the bar from an old pub. It's not as difficult as you think to get your hands on an old bar and hiring a contractor is the perfect way to get it installed without a hitch. Sometimes you can work between a contractor and a dealer in specialty bars to get the bar dismantled and installed properly including retro-fittings. If your budget can't handle the entire bar, then consider just getting your hands on the back-bar area for stocking goods. It's a great way to replicate a saloon room in your home and it's all attainable with the right contractor.

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