Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keurig Mini Plus - A Review

The Keurig mini plus builds on the success of it's predecessor the Keurig mini and addresses the problems that the previous model had very well. One of the major design problems with the previous version was that users would often overfill the water reservoir. These machines will put out as much water as you put in so often users would tip an unmeasured amount of water into the reservoir, place their cup in the machine and it would then overflow and make a huge mess.

Now the new Keurig mini plus has a fill level indicator right inside the water tank so you know exactly how much water to add for your size of cup. If you accidentally fill the machine over 10 ounces the machine will now automatically drain the water into the overfill tray. There are indicators for 6 ounce, 8 ounce and 10 ounce cups. If you like to add plenty of cream to your coffee make sure you under fill the machine slightly to leave room in your cup.

The overfill tray is also an improvement on the previous model, it is larger and has an overfill indicator that clearly shows you when it needs emptying. It is also very easy to empty.

The Keurig mini plus is available in a variety of colors, in stores you will find black, dark red and silver. You can also order a yellow model and avocado green model online from Keurig. The machines look stylish and modern. The sleek design will enhance any kitchen setting.

When you unbox the Keurig mini plus the quality is apparent from the outset. The finish is an excellent high gloss. The whole machine has an air of high quality, it is durable and solid. The buttons all light up and are good quality fittings.

Little extra touches featured in the machine also add to the overall high quality feeling. The light up indicator that walks users through making a cup of tea or coffee is an excellent touch. It includes an automatic water fill sensor that senses how much water is in the tank. When you have added water the machine senses it and lights up the next stage of the process which is adding the K Cup.

A K Cup carousel is also available which looks very good sat next to the Keurig mini plus on the kitchen counter. You fill it with various K Cups and it rotates to allow good access.

The roller bearing is smooth and sturdy and rotates freely. This is an extra that is well worth buying as it displays the huge variety of flavours well. It is especially good if you have guests as it allows them to choose a cup very easily. Most importantly, the Keurig mini plus system produces some excellent teas and coffees.

A particular favourite of mine in the hazelnut coffee which is delicious.

Replacements are well stocked and easy to find so you don't have to worry about running out.

Keurig mini plus is a vast improvement on what was already an excellent machine. If you enjoy your coffee I highly recommend it.

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