Sunday, September 9, 2012

Technology: The Boons And Banes

Whenever someone says the word technology one usually conjures the image of advanced robotics, flying cars, or even automatic household appliances that do your bidding with a couple of claps. And why not? With the trends and inventions today, such advancements do not seem so far flung. While having innovations on old ways where things were done manually, there are good things and bad things to consider when talking about this topic.

Broadly speaking, tools, crafts, and even practices on how to do a certain thing (farming or space exploration for example) are among range of topics and items that involve technology. As advancements happen, information about the improvement or discovery of a thing spreads out through the industry that it directly affects. It is because of this effect that technological leaps and communication and information have a close knit relationship: if someone discovers an easier way to do something, the method is spread around and shared. One of the best examples of this today are technological forums that talk about the latest computer units, software, hardware, and even trouble shooting the previous items. Such innovations unify people of a certain interest and mindset which fosters discussion among the group. Then, this exchange of information would lead to a new way or an improvement, which then births advancement.

As broad as a term it is, experts decided to separate things according to their category and as a result, created different types of technology including information and medical knowledge.

Human beings seek to improve things to make everyday life easier. The wheel, for example, is one of the best technological leaps humanity has ever made. The invention has propelled machinery, transport, and even gadget innovations over the centuries. Such is the good effect of technology: it spurs innovation and improvement. On the other hand, however, this can be a bad thing. While it is good that advancements made in science, medicine, robotics, and computers have improved lives, some changes destroyed lives as well. Innovations in military equipment have been used for conquest and have bred destruction. From heavy rifles to small sniper guns, from grenades to nuclear warheads, such kinds of changes brought about death and destruction. Whether done for the sake of the greater good or advancement of political interests, history has proven that war usually favors the side that has a greater technological advantage and armaments.

The advancement or improvement of a thing or process could either be good or bad. While outcomes and effects remain relative to a situation, the consensus remains the same: technology shapes and changes lives.

While no one can say whether changes and innovations will benefit humans in the end, perhaps one of the most important things is that the species strives to perfect something until it becomes sublime. There are things that we can do without but in this day and age, technological leaps and changes are something inevitable and necessary. After all, who does not want to see computer controlled households or even flying cars in the future?

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