Sunday, October 7, 2012

Proven Ways To Improve Your Spoken English

Learning to speak good English is the dream of many. Mostly people are of the impression that they can't learn to speak good English without going to any institute. Well this is a totally wrong concept. You can surely improve your spoken English in your own time on self help basis. Instead of aiming for 2 hours for 5 days for 3 months, why not do it always and every time you find a chance. Do consider following points to achieve good spoken English skills.

1. Talk With Yourself

Of course talking with oneself improves your spoken skills a lot. It is a good idea to practice speaking phrases and sentences that you may need before entering into any conversation. This is the easiest method, because you can do it anywhere, anytime.
Since you know your daily routine, the persons you come across and topics on which you need to carry out conversation. So it is better to talk with yourself about it. Ask a question and the answer it yourself. Do it regularly and you will surely see a remarkable improvement in your spoken English skills.

2. Learn Phrasal Vocabulary

Phrasal vocabulary comprises of phrases (not merely words) used in our daily conversation. Pick out some good ones according to your requirement and start using them in your conversation. Try to create different situations and topics for yourself and use the phrases learnt by you.
Normally you will be able to master 2-3 phrases in a day easily. Don't speed up by learning 10 a day. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

3. Record Your Voice

Recording and listening to your own voice is very helpful to judge that how you sound to others? You can do it easily by getting recording software and headphones. Audacity voice recorder is very good for this purpose. Since you are practicing spoken English in your own time, so you can talk whatever you feel like. You can narrate a story, describe an event or even develop full conversation.

4. Spoken English in Your Lifestyle

If you think that you will spare one hour per day to learn spoken English, it might not help you a lot. Try to adjust spoken English learning in your daily lifestyle. This means that you should always be at a watch to speak English. If not full conversation, try using phrases and small sentences or even words.

Don't consider learning spoken English a burden. It's an art and of course can be mastered gradually. Remember there's no magic formula with spoken English institutes who guarantee that youll master spoken English within 3 months or so.

5. Listen a Lot

Have you seen how a child learns to speak? He listens and watches you and then picks up sounds and words from your talks. So you must consider listening to English as much possible as you can. By this way you will learn how other people talk and utter words. Pick the one's you like and practice speaking like them. For this purpose you use movies, dialogues and audio books. I think audio books are the best source for carrying out listening practice.

6. Read Books

Yes this helps of course but if you do it loudly. Never read English books silently. Do it with a voice which at least you can hear. Initially read slowly and try to develop a style you like most. Reading loudly with a style will develop your own personal accent and style, which will go a long way with you.

7. Be confident

Though this aspect is over emphasized but it deserves this much importance. Curbing your shyness and looking confident will help you to speak better. Yes, confidence does come with knowledge of course. If you have full grasp over the phrases and sentences you speak then your confidence level will also be high.

Final Word

Speaking good English will help you in your life a lot. Whatever you are studying in a college or working in an office, good spoken skills will put you above others. It is the need of the time and life. The earlier you start the more better it will be. GOOD LUCK

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