Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lasik Statistics And Success Rates ? How Effective Is Lasik?

If you've been pondering the benefits of LASIK laser eye surgery, you've probably wondered how safe and successful the procedure really is. It's always a good idea to research any procedure you're considering. The following information will help you decide whether the benefits of LASIK outweigh the risks.

LASIK is a safe outpatient procedure chosen by over a million Americans each year. Recently, a study conducted by the American Association of Professional Eyecare Specialists (AAPECS) found that 55% of all LASIK patients were able to have their vision restored to 20/20 acuity. 93% of patients were able to attain vision of 20/40 or better.

It is worth noting that LASIK statistics vary. Many doctors consider the procedure a success if their patient is restored to 20/40 vision. Others don't report a success unless their patient comes away with 20/20 vision. Also, though LASIK produces immediate results, a patient's final vision might not set in for several months. Some patients see a large initial improvement followed by gradual improvement spread out over many weeks.

The Food and Drug Administration found that complications occur in 1% to 5% of LASIK surgeries. These complications range from relatively mild symptoms such as glare and light sensitivity to visual abnormalities and degenerated eyesight. There is also a slight risk of eye infection, but such cases are extremely rare due to precautions taken during surgery.

For the 95% of patients who have a successful LASIK procedure without complications, the surgery was undoubtedly the right choice. When you're deciding if LASIK is right for you, remember that the vast majority of patients enjoy an improvement in their eyesight. But LASIK comes with a slim chance of failure, just as any surgery does.

If you're worried about LASIK complications or just want more information about the procedure, talk to your eye doctor. They can give you advice and make recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

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