Friday, November 2, 2012

Misting Fans Improve Outdoor Living and Working Conditions

One of the most popular spots at the zoo or amusement park on sweltering summer days is not necessarily one of the main attractions. It's the misting stations that lure a consistent crowd eager to feel cool and revitalized before moving onto the next wild animal or wild ride. Creating your own personal misting station is much more pleasant, much easier, and much less costly than spending hot summer days with the family at a pricey zoo or park. The way to accomplish this is with a misting fan.

Misting fans bring together the invigorating mist of water with the cool, gentle wind created by a fan. This combination cools more successfully than just mist or just a fan alone. In fact, a misting fan is capable of reducing the surrounding air temperature by as much as 30 degrees, allowing you to enjoy relaxing on your back deck or patio even on the most uncomfortably hot days. Higher quality misting fans can affect an area 200 square feet or more in size, which makes the misting fan an ideal choice not only for home use, but also for commercial and industrial use. Sporting events, outdoor cafes, and construction sites are just a sampling of potential locations where misting fans would be welcomed and appreciated.

When searching for a misting fan for your home or workplace, you'll want to insist upon a couple of indespensible features. Most misting fans are mounted on top of a water reservoir, many of which can contain anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons of water. Better fans, no matter how much water it can hold, should be able to run, when starting with a full reservoir, up to 4 or 5 hours long without needing to be refilled. Also, it's highly recommended to choose a misting fan that comes with attached, locking wheels or a handy cart so that it is easy to move and store away.

Other features are available that can enhance the quality of your misting fan experience. For example, some fans come with a number of different speeds, allowing you more control. Another particularly helpful feature in a misting fan is a telescoping post that allows the fan to be adjusted easily for height. Also, some fans oscillate to ensure that the cooling mist is distributed more efficiently in the surrounding area.

No matter what features you choose, having your own misting station at home or work can greatly increase your level of comfort, even on uncomfortably hot days. Because they provide so much relief from the heat, misting fans at home can help you enjoy your deck or patio to the fullest, and at work, misting fans can improve your productivity and make working outdoors much more agreeable.

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